COVID Ventilator


The current Coronavirus Pandemic is having a devastating effect on people across the globe. It is amazing to see the number of people who are not directly afflicted, or on the front lines of defense, that want to help. While some feel helpless at home, others are trying to help by making masks, volunteering to be tracers, or taking food to those most vulnerable.

It's nice to see people stepping up in this time of crisis.

I was looking for a way to contribute when I came across several engineering challenges (see sidebar) recruiting teams to discover/invent/engineer/make solutions to some of the current challenges such as the shortage of medical equipment and supplies. Since, at the time I was looking, there was a serious shortage of medical ventilators and respirators, and I have background with Fluid systems, I teamed up with the Tactical CAir group in the COVID-19 Ventilator Challenge.



Being part of this team was an honor and a privilege.

This specific challenge is over and the teams that won can be found on their website.

For my part, I am going to blog the process here and provide open-source hardware and software to anyone who is interested or wants to study and learn about the challenges, ventilators and ventilator manufacture. Feedback is appreciated at the FB site.